1  The structual features of the machine tool

1.1 XH7122 is a multi-axis linkage、semi-closed loop control vertical milling machining center. The main machine adopts high-precision rolling guides with good dynamic characteristics, strong rigidity and smooth chip removal. The control system uses well-known CNC systems in China and abroad, with reliable performance and convenient operation.

1.2  The machine adopts spinal structure, the bed and base use the integral design, increase its stability and rigidity

1.3 In view of the worktable flange design of X axis,the worktable length and travel have improved a lot.Y axis travel is larger than worktable width;The Z axis travel of live tool is larger than other same level machines. 

1.4  The internal structure of the column adopts double sandwich structure design which increases its rigidity and stability and leaves the enough space for routing at the same time

1.5  The spindle adopts the spindle unit type (made in Taiwan), and the shank uses the standard BT30, which realizes the function of pneumatic tool change and greatly improves the working efficiency.

1.6  Electromechanical and hydraulic integrated design, large stroke, small size, compact structure and elegant appearance    

1.7  Modular design,can be equipped with dividing head、rotary worktable and so on with reasonable layouts and convenient to maintenance.

1.8  The spindle is driven by a high-performance servo main motor with strong power;

1.9  Vertical and horizontal drive adopts high-performance AC servo motor with high positioning accuracy and flexible and reliable action;

1.10  Automatic centralized lubrication device, point to point supply,lubrication is fully reliable;

1.11  Cooling and chip removal system adopt floor-separated water tank and chips car,easy to clean. 

2  The purpose of the machine tool and its scope of application

2.1  In addition to the basic plane milling、stepped surface、groove milling,the machine can also make various tapping、drilling、chambering、reaming、boring、chamfering and other semi-automatic machining;

2.2  It can automatically process all kinds of parts with complex geometry, large size and high precision to realize the management mode of one person with more machines;

2.3  Can be equipped with A axis(rotating shaft);

2.4  Suitable for the production of single or medium and small batches of non-ferrous and ferrous metal workpieces of small and medium specifications;

2.5  The machine tool is suitable for the automated production of machinery, instruments, light industry, electronics, medical instruments and other industries.

Max. drilling dia.14 mmSpindle taperBT30Worktable dimensions(L*W)500*230 mm
Max. plane milling63 mmDistance from spindle surface to worktable80-460 mm
Worktable load200 kg
Max. processing      depth3 mmDistace from spindle center to column guide surface
345 mmT shape slot(Quantity*Slot width*distance)3*14*80 mm
X/Y/Z travel420/230/380 mmTool changePneumaticGuide way typeBox way             (rectangular)
X/Y/Z motor torque6/6/7.7 N.mPositioning accuracyX/Y/Z0.022
Overall dimensions (L*W*H)1660*1350*1950 mm
Spindle feed speed
15/15/15 m/minRepeatability           accuracy X/Y/Z0.012Machine weight

1200 kg

Max. spindle speed6000 rpmRoundness0.03 mm

Spindle power2.2 kWSurface roughness(#45 steel)Ra 3.2