1  The main structural features of machining center

1.1  ZM640 is a drilling and tapping center.The tool change manipulator is not necessary when making tool change. The z-axis CAM drives the tool release mechanism to complete the tool change, only 1.5s.

1.2  Adopt the high speed integral spindle(12000rpm/min),the improvement of rotating speed is beneficial to the high speed processing of non-ferrous metals, which brings high processing efficiency and good finish.

1.3  Adopt the large lead ball screw feeding mechanism,which greatly improves the rapid speed(48m/min),save the idle running time and improve the utilization rate of machine;

1.4  Reasonable structure space design,the machine can be equipped with 4th shaft, which can be used for multi-surface machining of complex parts or many workpieces processed at the same time with good processing accuracy and high efficiency; 

1.5  The spindle adopts hydraulic cooling system,which greatly improves the machining accuracy and service life of the spindle;

1.6  Vertical and horizontal driving adopts high-performance AC servo motor with high positioning accuracy and flexible,reliable action;

1.7  The lubricaiton system of the machining center adopts the positive displacement oil supply lubrication system,which can ensure the full lubrication of any lubricating parts;

1.8  The cooling chip removal system is equipped with a chip flushing device and a large flow water pump for cleaning.

2  The purpose of the machine tool and its scope of application

2.1  The machine has good rigidity,easy to operate,and it can be used for the light vertical milling,drilling,chambering.tapping,boring and other procedures.

2.2  It is especially suitable for all kinds of complex two or three dimensional concave-convex models and complex cavity drilling and boring machining;

2.3   The 4th axis is optional, which can be used for multi-surface machining of complex parts

2.4  The machining center is suitable for the production of machinery, instruments, light industry, electronics, medical instruments line and other industries.

Machine typeVertical typeX/Y-Z  motor power1.3/1.3-3 kWX/Y-Z repeatability accuracy0.008/0.008-0.008 mm
Guide wayLinear guideX/Y-Z  motor torque8.3/8.3-18.6 N.mRoundness0.02 mm
Spindle noseBT30Max. tapping dia.M16Surface roughness(#45 steel)Ra 1.6
Max. spindle speed12000 rpmMax. milling dia.63 mmTool magazine typeClip-arm type
Spindle motor power5.5 k.WWorktable area420*750 mmTool quantity16
X/Y-Z  axis travel600/400-370 mmWorktable T slot3*14*100 mmTool change time

t ≤ 1.5 s

Distance from spindle surface to worktable260-630Worktable load250 kgOverall dimensions(L*W*H)1990*1850*2200 mm
X/Y-Z  rapid speed48/48-48 mX/Y-Z positioning    accuracy0.012/0.012-0.02 mmMachine weight3600 kg