The main machine can be selected from TB series/TG series, etc. tailor-made according to the product. The main machine adopts a 45-degree inclined guide rail integrated casting bed, built-in truss manipulator, can be equipped with vibration disk silo, multi-station silo, code disk silo, shaft type Silo etc. and automatic turning device. Can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and ensure product stability. Especially suitable for processing large quantities of parts.

Clamping6”chuck/ Spring colletMax lift weight2*1 kg
Swing dia. Over bed400mmParts Diameter10-100mm
X/Z travel 320/300mmParts length5-200mm
X/Z rapid speed18/20 m/minHorizontal/ longitudinal positioning accuracyservo motor+ Precision reducer
X/Z motor torque6/6 N.mHorizontal/ longitudinal Driver mode125m/min
X/Z positioning accuracy 0.010/ 0.016 mmHorizontal/ longitudinal transfer method Helical gear rack
Clamping methodHydraulicOverall dimension2600*1650*2650 mm
Main motor power  3.7 KW