1  The structural features of machine tool

1.1  The machine adopts horizontal flat bed structure,the surface of guide way is processed by precise grinding after quench treatment,has good accuracy and accuracy maintenance;

1.2  The machine adopts independent spindle structure with high precise bearings,high spindle speed、small thermal deformation;

1.3  Adopt mono-block casting base、double mountain and frame protection structure,the whole machine has a high rigidity;

1.4   It can equip with standard 4 station vertical electric tool post or gang type tool post

1.5  Easy to operate,the machine meets the ergonomic design and requirements,the maintenance cost is lower;

1.6  It is suitable for processing  all kinds of shafts、disc and small batch parts with complex shapes,and it is more suitable for the mass production of parts with high precision and size consistency.

2  The purpose of the machine tool and its scope of application

2.1  In addition to the basic functions of turning, grooving and chamfering, the machine tool can also perform various metric and inch internal and external thread processing, as well as drilling, expansion, reaming, rolling and other processing;

2.2  It is able to process cylindrical, conical, stepped, spherical and other various curved surfaces, such as short-axis (or disc) parts with complex geometric shapes, many sizes and high precision requirements;

2.3  Suitable for processing bars with the diameter below Φ55mm(spindle through hole),length within 600mm,disks and short shaft parts with a diameter below Φ200mm(this range may vary depend on the fixture);

2.4  Suitable for the production of single or medium and small batches of non-ferrous and ferrous metal workpieces of small and medium specifications;

2.5  The machine tool is suitable for the automated production of machinery, instruments, light industry, electronics, medical instruments and other industries.

Swing dia. over bed⌀470mmClamping Manual chuckTailstock quill dia.⌀65  travel:130
Swing dia. over slide⌀200mmTools Electric tool post    and gang typeTailstock taperMT4
X/Z travel300/600 mmTool shank size25*25 mmRoundness0.008 mm
Spindle through hole⌀55 mmBoring tool dia.⌀20mmSurface roughness(#45 steel)Ra 1.6
Spindle speed3000rpmFixture8' manual chuckTotal power              consumption9.78 KVA
X/Z rapid speed8/10 m/minX/Z positioning      accuracy0.018/0.022 mmOverall dimensions2200*1350*1620 mm
X/Z motor torque7.5/10 N.mX/Z repeatability    accuracy0.006/0.008 mmMachine weight2100 kg