1  The main structural features of the machine tool

1.1  CKG0635Z is a linear guide way lathe which is designed for turning stainless steel products;

1.2  Mono-block design of base abd body,siganificantly improve the ridigity of machine tool;X axis and Z axis ball screw adopt the prestretching structure to reduce the impact of thermal deformation on cutting;

1.3  The spindle bearing adopts angular contact ball bearing with three pairs in front and two pairs for rear part to ensure the high rigidity and durable accuracy of spindle ;

1.4  The large slide adopts box structure and lightweight design to reduce the inertia and improve the acceleration of slide assembly ;

1.5  Automatic centralized lubrication device, lubrication is fully reliable;

1.6  The cooling and chip removal system uses a floor-separated water tank and an iron chip box (the side and rear chip removal devices can also be selected), which is convenient for cleaning.


2  The purpose of the machine tool and its scope of application

2.1  In addition to the basic functions of turning, grooving and chamfering, the machine tool can also perform various metric and inch internal and external thread processing, as well as drilling, expansion, reaming, rolling and other processing;

2.2  It is able to process cylindrical, conical, stepped, spherical and other various curved surfaces, such as short-axis (or disc) parts with complex geometric shapes, many sizes and high precision requirements;

2.3  Suitable for processing bars with a diameter below Φ32mm、disks with a diameter below Φ320mm and short-axis parts within Φ150mm (this range may vary depending on the fixture);

2.4  Suitable for the production of single or medium and small batches of non-ferrous and ferrous metal workpieces of small and medium specifications;

2.5  The machine tool is suitable for the instrument,meter, light industry, electronics, medical instrument and aerospace and other industries.It is the idea equipment for the batch automatic production of precision and complex workpieces.



Technical data with "*" sign is optional

Chuck sizeCollet/6' chuck*ClampingPneumaticTailstock travel/
Swing dia. over bed⌀320mmX/Z rapid speed18/18 m/minTailstock quill travel/
Swing dia. over slide⌀110mmX/Z  motor torque6/6 N.mRoundness0.003 mm
Max. turning length150 mmToolsGang type

Surface roughness(#45 steel)

Ra 1.6
X/Z travel300/280 mmTool shank size20*20 mmCoolant pump power210 W
Spindle through hole⌀35 mmBoring tool dia.⌀20 mmHydraulic station      tank
Spindle speed4000rpmX/Z positioning      accuracy0.01/0.016 mmTotal power               consumption7.68 KVA
Spindle noseA2-5X/Z repeatability    accuracy0.004/0.006 mmOverall dimensions1670*1450*1630 mm
Main motor power4 kWTailstock quill dia./Machine weight1850 kg