1 The main structural features of the machine tool

1.1 LP40D dual-spindle single-power turret CNC machine tool is a 4-axis (2-axis linkage) full-function CNC machine tool. With high performance and high stability characteristics;

1.2 Integral frame base and independent water tank. The guide rail adopts high-frequency hardened rectangular guide rail, which has the characteristics of high rigidity, high wear resistance and high motion accuracy;

1.3 The main drive system is driven by a high-performance AC spindle servo motor, and the main gear box is gearless. The front and rear bearings of the spindle are equipped with angular contact ball bearings and double-row tapered rollers, which fully meet the radial and axial load bearing capacity under heavy cutting;     

1.4 The equipped Taiwan electric turret power tool holder has high rigidity for heavy cutting, bi-directional tool selection, and ultra-short tool change time, which can realize positive and back turning and milling composite machining and improve production efficiency;

1.5 The vertical and horizontal drives adopt high-performance AC servo motors with high positioning accuracy and flexible and reliable movement;

1.5 Mechatronic design, compact structure and unique shape. Using the most advanced sheet metal design concept, superior protection performance;

1.6 Equipped with a swing-type console, considering multiple safety protection measures and alarm settings;

1.7 Adopt automatic centralized lubrication device, the lubrication is fully reliable;

1.8 The separation structure of the chip conveyor and the water tank facilitates the cleaning of the water tank; the cooling system adopts a high-lift software pump, so that the parts are processed to obtain a strong cooling effect.


2 The purpose of the machine tool and its scope of application

2.1 In addition to the functions of general CNC lathes, this product also has the functions of drilling, expanding, reaming, milling, tapping, etc. The concentration of processes can reduce the number of parts clamping and improve the accuracy of parts processing. The dual-spindle structure can realize turning on the same machine tool, so this machine tool is particularly suitable for the processing of parts with a high concentration of processes;

2.2 Machinable cylindrical, conical, stepped, spherical and other various curved surfaces, such as short-axis (or disc) parts with complex geometric shapes, many sizes and high precision requirements;

2.3 Suitable for processing bars with a diameter below Φ40mm (the spindle can pass the maximum bar diameter), disks with a diameter below Φ300mm, and short-axis parts (this range may vary depending on the fixture);

2.4 Suitable for the production of single or medium and small batches of non-ferrous and ferrous metal workpieces of small and medium specifications;

2.5 The machine tool is suitable for the automated production of machinery, instruments, light industry, electronics, medical instruments and other industries.


Technical data with "*" sign is optional

Chuck sizeCollet/6" *

Main/sub spindle



X1/Z1/Z2 positioning


0.008 mm
Swing dia. over bed⌀500mmMain Spindle motor5.5 kW

X1/Z1/Z2 repeatbility


0.003 mm
Swing dia. over slide⌀290mmSub-spindle motor3.7 kW

Surface roughness

(45# steel)

Ra 0.8
Max turning length100 mmX1/Z1/Z2 rapid speed20/20/20 m/minCooling pump power180 W
X1/Z1/Z2 max travel145/240/340 mmX1/Z1/Z2 motor torque8.5/8.5/8.5 N.mHydraulic station tank
50 L
Spindle through hole⌀40 mmTool post Power turret

Total power


18.5 KVA
Sub-spindle through hole⌀35 mmTool shank size25*25 mmOverall dimensions3230*1710*1920 mm
Main/sub spindle speed5000rpmBoring tool dia.⌀32 mmMachine weight3200 kg
Spindle noseA2-5Turret stations No.12 stations