1 The main structural features of the machine tool


1.1 TT5050 CNC lathe is a slant bed turret lathe, the base is integrated with the bed, the horizontal bed and the 30° bed saddle layout;

1.2 The bed adopts a step-up structure, the height of the Z-direction roller guide is arranged, and the four sliders can evenly bear the gravity and cutting force of the bed saddle, thereby reducing the wear of the guide rail and extending the service life of the guide rail;

1.3 The spindle bearing adopts ROBUST structure: the front end is composed of double-row cylindrical roller bearings and double-row angular contact thrust ball bearings, and the rear end is double-row cylindrical roller bearings, which guarantees the high rigidity and stability of the spindle;     

1.4 Adopt the latest environmental protection design, collect the machine tool lubricant independently to avoid the secondary pollution to the cutting fluid;

1.5 Built-in hydraulic tailstock, the tailstock guide rail can be removed, and the configuration is flexible;

1.6 The vertical and horizontal drives adopt high-performance AC servo motors with high positioning accuracy and flexible and reliable actions;

1.7 Adopt automatic centralized lubrication device, the lubrication is fully reliable.

2 The purpose of the machine and its scope of application


2.1 In addition to the basic functions of turning, grooving and chamfering, the machine tool can also perform various metric and inch internal and external thread processing, as well as drilling, expansion, reaming, rolling and other processing;

2.2 Machinable cylindrical, conical, stepped, spherical and other various curved surfaces, such as short-axis (or disc) parts with complex geometric shapes, many sizes and high precision requirements;

2.3 Suitable for processing bars with a diameter of less than Φ50mm (the spindle can pass the maximum bar diameter), discs with a diameter of less than 320mm and short-axis parts (this range will vary depending on the fixture);

2.4 Suitable for the production of single or medium and small batches of non-ferrous and ferrous metal workpieces of small and medium specifications;

2.5 The machine is suitable for the automated production of machinery, instruments, light industry, electronics, medical instruments and other industries.


Technical data with "*" sign is optional

Chuck size8"/ 10"*ClampingHydraulicTailstock travel440 mm
Swing dia. over bed⌀520mmX/Z rapid speed24/24 m/minQuill travel120 mm

Swing dia. over slide

⌀210mmX/Z motor torque10/10 N.mTailstock taperMT4
Max turning length500 mmTool post

80 servo turret/

80 power turret*

Cooling pump power

460 W
X/Z travel190/550 mmTool shank size25*25 mm

Hydraulic station tank


Max bar through hole

⌀50 mmBoring tool dia.⌀32 mmTotal power consumption16 KVA
Spindle speed4000rpm

X/Z positioning


0.008/0.016 mmOverall dimensions (L*W*H)2475*1810*1735 mm
Spindle nose

X/Z repeatability


0.004/0.006 mmWeight3750 kg
Main motor power7.5 kW

Tailstock quill